Experience with Interserve

My wife and I joined Interserve in 2007. We are thankful to the Malaysian office for their support, encouragement and advice throughout the years.

Having a spiritual family like Interserve has been a great blessing for us as cross-cultural workers.

We recognise how difficult it would have been if we went on our own. My wife and I were able to stay on to work more effectively for the glory of the One who has called us all, because of the love, wisdom and support provided by Interserve.

In terms of spiritual growth and maturity, Interserve provided for us an environment for growth. We had a community or rather a family surrounding us where each member did what God has called us to do. In addition, Interserve has also helped us not only to shape our calling, but has kept us focused. Throughout our journey, we have faced many crucial decisions, but with Interserve’s help, we were able to make better decisions and have better outcomes.

While we’re focusing on “GOING”, Intersreve Malaysia plays an important role in SENDING, SUPPORTING, and WELCOMING their partners. We’re grateful for the commitment of the office staff and truly appreciate all the sacrifices they have made to ensure the continuation of our work.

H & YF

Interserve has been like our second family since we joined in 2004. There is nothing they do not know about us. They visited us in the field and know our challenges and struggles. This relationship has been more than a partnership to us. Even until today when we may not know what the future holds for us, our comfort is also that Interserve is walking with us on this journey, while we trust completely in the One who holds our future.

We are grateful that we chose Interserve. We thank God for the team in the office and the Board.

J & L

We have been Interseve partners since 2009. We have been blessed right from the start. When we were applying to become partners in preparation to go into the mission field, we had to undergo a psychological assessment; which proved to be very helpful. We discovered that we had different personalities and giftings and we learnt how we can complement and strengthen each other, especially when we are going into a foreign land and facing different cultures. During our application process, our plans took a sudden turn. Due to the economic downturn in 2008, we ended up not going to the country where we had been preparing ourselves for years to go. Instead, we found ourselves in a land we had never heard of and barely known anything about.

Thankfully, we were connected with Interserve partners who had been there for more than 10 years. They became our mentors and friends. And together with the member care person who visited us within our first week of landing; they made us feel welcomed and helped us settle down. We were slowly introduced to the rest of the region’s partners through the yearly conferences and retreats. During the year, we were in contact with each other . Though we all come from different backgrounds and countries, Interserve has connected us through our common love for the unreached people.

G & A

We have been very blessed by the support and love of Interserve. I joined Interserve Malaysia when I was engaged to be married in 2005. My husband had become a partner a year earlier. We have been very blessed by the sensitivity, maturity and practical love of the staff and workers there, who with wisdom and discernment have guided us over the years. They have taken a lot of care and interest in what we are doing and even have come to visit us where we are.  There were times when nobody walked alongside us and we felt so alone.  But Interserve supported us as they said they would when we joined them.  They are the face, heart and hands of Jesus to us as we strive to do the same for the people we are called to serve.

Our country team has also been growing closer over the years, as we shift from being seconded to other groups, and have a more diverse group working in many different ways. It has been a blessing to take time to encourage one another, from various backgrounds and situations, covering each other in prayer, and receiving practical love and support on the ground.

P & B

Interserve has blessed us in many ways – preparing and equipping us as new partners, to mentoring and encouraging us throughout the years. The organisation has helped us apply spiritual values and creativity which is the bedrock for an effective intentional ministry, and it has caused us to appreciate living and working in a seemingly borderless community.

Thank you for being the oasis in the desert land and a tent in the wilderness whenever we need to rest, refresh and revive.

T & K

I have been with Interserve  Malaysia since I joined them 10 years ago. I am thankful for the opportunities given to me to serve in the field. Interserve has been supportive of my work. I was given the freedom to do what God had impressed upon my heart. I am thankful that Interserve home office is providing logistical support to me so that I can focus on serving God in the field without worrying too much.

When I return from the field for home assignments, Interserve continues to provide necessary member care support to me.