LEAVING A LEGACY~An eternal impact

Planning your legacy today will help to ensure continued transformation of lives, tomorrow…

Why make a will?

It is one of the last things we think about, but one of the most important things that we can do before we die. According to the Association of Will Writers in the UK, 70% of people die without having made a will which, in effect, means that the law decides what happens to your assets after your death, including specific items of sentimental value, or charitable gifts, which could reduce the inheritance tax payable on your will. In recent years, we are blessed with gifts from supporters who have decided to leave part of their estate to the work of Interserve Malaysia. Their gift ensures that the work that they have supported during their life, can continue after their death.

Have you thought about leaving a legacy to Interserve Malaysia in your will?

  • You could make a will

Planning for the future includes providing for your family and loved ones when you are gone. As a show of solidarity with God’s people, you can also make provisions for organizations and ministries to help them meet their goals and obligations.

  • When to make a will?

According to Malaysian law, anyone attaining 18 years of age can make a will. You can make a will any time. Making a will demonstrates purposeful stewardship in the interest of God’s kingdom.

  • Can I change it?

You can change your will any time. There is no maximum limit to the changes you may make during your lifetime.

  • How do I make a will?

You can seek assistance from professionals who have the expertise in will-writing to draw up your will. The person making the will is called a testator. Two witnesses must be present to attest the signatures of the testator. The witnesses must not be beneficiary or spouse of beneficiary. An executor is also appointed to carry out the testator’s wishes.

  • Who is the beneficiary?

You name the beneficiaries in your will. You may need to determine the legal identity of your beneficiary, a society, company, or organisation such as “Interserve Fellowship Berhad”.

  • Assign your life insurance policy

Absolute assign your policies to “Interserve Fellowship Berhad” as an assignee in your insurance policy is another way of supporting us. It is quite common nowadays to absolute assign policies to charities and non-governmental organizations as assignee to receive the insurance proceeds upon the demise of the assignor (donor).

Interserve Malaysia is able to assist in case you require help in writing a will or assigning your insurance policy to Interserve Malaysia’s general fund.

Making an ongoing impact

Our work requires us to transform lives and communities through encounter with Jesus Christ. Your gift through your legacy will ensure that Interserve Malaysia’s work can and will continue.

Please let us know if you are considering leaving a gift to Interserve Malaysia in your will by sending an email to us or by calling +603-7784 8430 and asking to speak with our National Director.