“Wherever we work, we seek to do so in partnership with local and national churches. A commitment to the development of local churches, and to the facilitation of those churches into mission is at the heart of Interserve’s mission call.”

Interserve Malaysia is committed to partnering with churches to stimulate and assist them to be catalysts for mission. We seek to link Partners with the resources needed to fulfil their call to service.



Where Interserve Malaysia works with established churches which send out cross cultural workers, we abide by the following guidelines:

Envision and equip
We believe in helping the church gain vision, understanding and commitment to participate in the mission of God in challenging places.

Affirming the church
We see the church as the primary sending agency for cross-cultural workers. We believe that our experience gives us insights which can be helpful to the church.

Assisting the church
Structures and personnel in Interserve enables us to provide effective member care, involving the sending church. This includes finding appropriate placement, holding workers accountable, debriefing and helping Partners connect with their home support base.

Room for growth
Partnership with sending churches are not a “one size fits all” operation. Our goal is to create a vital partnership from beginning to the end of our involvement with workers. We would want to journey together to seek how best we can grow together.


Contact us

  1. If you wish to know how to partner with us in sending labourers into the harvest field.
  2. If you wish to invite a speaker from Interserve for one of your meetings
  3. If you wish to invite Interserve to assist you in creating awareness for missions in your church.
  4. If you wish to invite Interserve to set up a mission booth.